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We stumbled across Santa Teresa the way most people do:

looking for the perfect wave.

When we stayed for a couple of years though, we started to realize that it’s more than just the waves that were keeping us here.


It’s waking up every morning to the sound of tropical birds and crashing waves. It’s the fresh mangoes and bananas and coconuts that practically fall out of trees. It’s the international mix of locals – from Argentinians to Swedes – that smile when they talk about surfing. It’s the live reggae band that makes you want to dance like it’s a Saturday night on Monday (…and Tuesday and Wednesday). It’s watching the most stunning sunset on the beach every night with your family and friends.


And it’s going to bed knowing that you get to do it all again tomorrow.


When we built Joya Villas, we wanted to share this experience by creating a space that was as beautiful and luxurious as our natural surroundings, but as dynamic as the culture of Santa Teresa. We partnered with an award-winning architect, used the best local resources, and spared no detail to bring the villas to life.


The result: a breathtaking property that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living, relaxation and adventure, and sophistication and ease.  Located a three-minute walk from the most beautiful stretch of beach in town and offering the most tailored concierge services, Joya Villas isn’t just somewhere you stay:


It’s a story you tell.

The Joya Difference

Here at Joya, we don't believe in the saying "you can't have it all," because when you stay with us, you simply can.


Click through to see some of our favorite reasons why >

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