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Conscious Living

Santa Teresa is a special place – that’s why we live here.


We believe that the better care we take of our natural surroundings, the longer this special place will be around for more people to enjoy. Joya Villas is built on a foundation of conscious living so that your vacation is as good for the wellbeing of our planet as it is for the wellbeing of you.


Our environmentally sustainable initiatives are carried out by our passionate team of specialists and include everything from composting food waste to treating used water to eliminate any harmful residues. We use solar water heaters, provide organic linens and biodegradable toiletries, and our gardens were designed to promote a healthy ecosystem all year long.


With the help of our talented partners, VIDA Design Studio and Celina Otero-Monsegur, we created Joya Villas as a place where luxury and sustainability mean the same thing.

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