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Welcome to Joya (and what that word means)

Welcome to Joya Villas, and more specifically, to the Joya Journal. We created this space on our site to share all of our favorite things with you, like secret local beaches, the best tacos in town, where to go for a heavenly massage, and even some of our favorite Spanish words. After all, you can never be too prepared to relax and enjoy your vacation.


Let’s start our first official journal entry with one of our favorite Spanish words: joya. (An obvious choice, we know.)

In Spanish, the word “joya” (pronounced hoy-a) means “gem.” When we first discovered Santa Teresa, we couldn’t think of a better word to describe this magical little surf town, where it’s a community ritual to watch the sun set on the beach every night, and where beautiful days roll in as consistently as the waves. When we began building our two villas in 2016, we knew “Joya” was the perfect name.

We built Joya Villas as a place for families and friends to call home as they explore one of the happiest and most stunning countries in the world. Everything at Joya was built with your comfort and our environment’s sustainability in mind because we believe luxury should be good for everyone and everything – our planet included. This way, living in harmony with your surroundings and spending time with the ones you love – all in sophistication and style – you can experience what our country’s motto, “pura vida,” really means.

Here at Joya, we are here to ensure that you have a vacation that will leave you as inspired as it does relaxed. We promise you will love our beloved gem as much as we do, because trust us, it’s even better in person than it is in pictures.

x The Joya Team


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